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The beauty of these products is that you don't have to be a Medical Doctor, Health Practitioner, or scientist to understand that these products are good for you! Everyone knows and agrees that diets high in fruits and vegetables make you healthier and can help prevent many diseases. FRUIT SUPPORT and VEGGIE SUPPORT make it easier and more convenient for you to get the valuable nutrients found in fruits and vegetables by putting those nutrients in capsule form.


Everyone who believes that their current diet is lacking in fruits and/or vegetables (which is probably over 90% of the population). These two products provide an easy, convenient way to get a daily supply of essential vitamins, antioxidants, phytonutrients, plant based minerals, trace minerals, and enzymes. People with known medical conditions should always consult their physician prior to using any nutritional supplements.

What are the potential health benefits of taking FRUIT SUPPORT and VEGGIE SUPPORT?

Many people who take these products for prolonged periods of time notice having more energy, getting sick less often, healthier skin and hair, improved digestive function, and better sleep... the same type of benefits you would get from improving your diet to include more raw fruits and vegetables.

How long will it take for me to notice any health benefits?

Everyone is different, so it is impossible to determine how long it will take before you notice any benefits. Most people, however, will begin noticing benefits in 60 - 90 days. One thing is for sure... the longer you are on the product, the more benefits you will notice!

What if I don't feel any changes... should I keep taking the products?

Keep in mind that you don't feel cholesterol rising... you don't feel blood pressure increasing... you don't feel arteries being clogged... you don't feel your bones getting brittle... So, even though you don't necessarily "feel" anything, it doesn't mean that you are not getting benefits. Your body definitely needs the complete nutrition found in fruits and vegetables to function at higher levels and to help fight off many diseases. With it being so difficult to maintain a diet high in fruits and vegetables, FRUIT SUPPORT and VEGGIE SUPPORT are a great way to make sure you are getting what your body needs.

How does taking FRUIT SUPPORT and VEGGIE SUPPORT differ from taking a multi-vitamin?

Because these products are made from only 100% natural food sources (fruits and vegetables), they simply contain COMPLETE nutrition for your body the way that Mother Nature intended. Most vitamin supplements, on the other hand, are synthetically made and do not offer the complete nutrition required by your body to function at optimal levels.

Which is better, juicing or taking FRUIT SUPPORT and VEGGIE SUPPORT?

Juicing fresh fruits and vegetables is always the best alternative because all of the enzymes and nutritional benefits are preserved in the juicing process. However, juicing can be very expensive, is not very convenient, and fresh juices normally contain high sugar levels. FRUIT SUPPORT and VEGGIE SUPPORT provide a convenient, cost effective way to supplement your diet with powerful food source nutrients similar to what you may get from juicing, but without all the hassles or the high sugar content.

I have difficulty swallowing capsules... Can I still take your product?

Definitely YES! Simply open up the capsules and sprinkle them into your favorite juice or smoothie in the morning. We do not recommend sprinkling the contents of the capsules into anything hot, because it will destroy the active enzymes in the formula.


Definitely YES! In fact, FRUIT SUPPORT and VEGGIE SUPPORT are a great way to ensure you are getting sufficient nutrition while keeping with a low carb diet.


You should always use your own judgment when giving nutritional supplements to children.  Since these products only contain food source nutrients, they are very safe. We only ask that you review the ingredients of each formula and make sure your child is not allergic to any of the ingredients. If the capsule is too large for your child to swallow, the contents of the capsule may be sprinkled into food or drink. Individual dosages should be reduced based upon one's age and size. Note: Do not give nutritional supplements to any child under the age of 10 unless approved by your physician.

How many FRUIT SUPPORT and/or VEGGIE SUPPORT capsules should I take each day?

We generally recommend taking 2 capsules of the FRUIT SUPPORT in the morning and 2 capsules of VEGGIE SUPPORT in the evening with a large glass of water. However, some people may take up to 3 times the suggested dosage on a daily basis depending on their nutritional needs (based on exercise levels, body size, stress levels, etc.). Even though these products contain only food source nutrients and are very safe, always use common sense when increasing your dosage.

Is it safe or recommended to solely rely on FRUIT SUPPORT and VEGGIE SUPPORT for my dietary nutritional requirements?

Definitely, No. Even though these products are packed with whole food nutrients, it is always better to get these nutrients from the raw fruits and vegetables themselves. These products are made to help compliment your current diet, because we know how difficult it is in this day and age to eat healthy on a daily basis.

Are vegetarian capsules used in making these products?

Yes. The capsules used are of plant origin to meet the needs of vegetarians and people with special cultural needs.

Are there any potential negative side effects?

If you are allergic to any of the ingredients used in either of the products, there is a chance you may experience negative side effects. Other than that, you shouldn't have to worry. If you do experience any type of side effect from taking these products, stop taking them immediately.

Will FRUIT SUPPORT and VEGGIE SUPPORT help me lose weight?

These products are not specifically formulated to help you lose weight, however, they are a great way to ensure you are getting an adequate supply of necessary food source nutrients while you are dieting or exercising.


Yes, these products are made with only the highest quality fruits and vegetables, and processed in ways to maximize their nutrient value before being encapsulated. They contain no added chemicals, preservatives, binders, flavors, salts or sugars.

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