Fruits and Veggies 20 Different fruits and veggies per serving. 17 different fruits and veggies per serving.
Enzymes Add live enzymes into the formula to insure maximum absorption and utilization. Claims to preserve natural enzymes through a flash freezing process.
Need to purchase by the case No. Just order one monthly supply at a time. Yes. Must buy cases of 4 month supplies.
Research We really don't feel that any research is needed. Our product only contains fruit extracts, vegetable extracts, and enzymes... the health benefits of which are all widely recognized and accepted. It just makes sense! Juice Plus has published scientific research to back their product. Here's our question to you... Is it the research that makes Juice Plus such a great product?... or is it simply the nutrients found in the fruits and veggies that make it such a great product?
Autoship flexibility Very flexible.
  • Need to cancel?... no problem!
  • Need to skip a month?... no problem!
  • Need to order only Fruit capsules this month?... no problem!

We are not trying to trap you into a long term buying relationship. We simply offer Autoship as a convenience to you and make it just as convenient to change or cancel your order at any time!

Not very flexible. Dealing with independent distributors makes it difficult to cancel.
Important Note: We here at truly believe that Juice Plus is an excellent product. Regardless of whether you take Juice Plus or our product, you will definitely benefit. Both are excellent products and both are very good for you! We simply want to offer you a more cost effective alternative.

We're So Confident in Our Product,  we are willing offer a 30% DISCOUNT for First-time Customers!

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